Wissam Joubran was born in Nazareth, Galilea in 1983 to a family with a rich artistic heritage.

His mother (Ibtisam Hanna) sang Muwachahats (poems that originated in Arab Spain).

His father (Hatem Joubran) is among the most renowned stringed-instrument makers in Palestine and in the Arab world. Thanks to this artistic climate, Wissam encountered early on the music and craftsmanship of the Luth (‘oud). At five, his fingers were already sensitive to the touch of the wood, and at six, he made his first instrument (a simplified model, as you might guess). This particular relationship with the ‘Oud continued to deepen and to grow richer. His dedication to his work contributed to his personal evolution and to that of his instrument.


The dexterity of Wissam’s fingers, as well as his sense of music lead him to assist his father in crafting his ‘Ouds. Thus, the two experiences nurtured one another for the greatest benefit of the instrument and of its musicality.

Convinced as he was that a synergy between the East and the West was possible, Wissam tries to make both experiences converge towards a single musical universe.

This conviction, allied to an unwavering conviction in his own ability to improve upon the traditional methods used in manufacturing the ‘Oud, lead him in 2001 to the northern Italian city of Cremona.


It is in the prestigious Antonio Stradivari conservatory, renowned for the fabrication of string instruments (violins in particular) that Wissam, who was the first Arab student ever to enter this institution, discovered the secrets and subtleties of making stringed instruments.

In 2003, his genius was rewarded with the award of best artisan luthier. In 2005, he was awarded his degree cum laude.

At the Antonio Stradivardi conservatory, Wissam had the opportunity to reconcile the traditions inherited from his father with the scientifically proven methodical processes elaborated over hundreds of years in the West.

Music & Compositions

Wissam's relationship with the Oud is also undeniably related to his ten-year career with Trio Joubran, whom he performs with regularly on the most prestigious international stages. The Trio has won several awards (Best Movie Soundtrack (2009, 2011), Award for Best Arab Creativity (2013), National Order of Merit and Excellence Medal (Palestine, 2013), among others).